Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Court went well today and we are now officially the parents of Elshaday.  Wish I could post a picture but we cannot get it uploaded.  You will have to wait until we get home.
Tomorrow we will travel to her home village to see her mother.  Elshaday will make the trip with us.  We are so excited to have this experience with her.  Please say a special prayer for us tomorrow.  It will be an emotional trip and a 2 hour drive.  Can't wait to get home and love on our children back home.  We will certainly miss Elshaday as we wait for  her Embassy date.  It will be hard to leave her but we will have plenty to do to prepare for her homecoming.

Rebecca Maas
Mom to Miranda(age 6), Ethan(age 3), Faith (age 2)
Gabriel (age 2) & Jacob (age 1)

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