Sunday, September 6, 2015

Happy 6th Birthday Joshua

Today is the day we celebrate Joshua' s life.  It is not likely that today is his actual date of birth but it is the date given to him. 

"there is an abandoned infant against the BOC in XXXXXX road of XXXXX city.  After receiving call, the policemen on duty, and the student on duty came to the scene, found that the abandoned infant was about 2-3 years old, gender: male.  The child was taken to the hospital for treatment.  According to the growth and development we judged his date of birth as September 6, 2009"

Although he was listed as "abandoned" we know that God never left his side.  Joshua was known and loved from the moment he was conceived.


Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A time to grow

This little guy has been busy over the last 5 months.

He has learned to .....
Drink from a straw
Feed himself
Beginning to learn sign language
Climb stairs

He has learned to ....
Trust others
to be Loved
How to love

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Family = HOPE

I was made available for adoption when I was about 9 months old. 
My future was bright!

Two and a half years go by.  I am growing into a strong little boy. 
I am still hopeful that I will find my forever family.

Hope was fading.  Why haven't I been chosen? 
The orphanage began completing paperwork to declare me unadoptable
because I had become too weak and frail.

FINALLY it was my turn.  I was Chosen!

HOPE returns! 
(home 3 months)

I begin to grow and thrive.  Joy returns. 

(home 5 months)
Why Adopt? 
Family Changes Everything!
When we adopted David he weighted a little over 16 pounds at 4 years old.  He gained 5 pounds in the first 2 weeks.  Five months later and he has doubled his weight.  He has learned to walk, talk, and feed himself.   David has had no medical intervention or therapy.  The only thing we have done is feed him and love him.  Family changes everything!  Family gives HOPE!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

This is an outrage!!

My husband and I have adopted several children with disabilities.  We do have private insurance, however, as you may already know or have experienced private insurance does not provide a lot of the services children with significant needs require.   As we discovered each child’s needs we advocated for them and were able to get Kentucky State Medicaid Waivers for each of them.  These waivers provide in home services, community services, and Medicaid insurance.  Our children have had these waivers for several years now. 

Recently, at the advice of several providers, we applied for SSI for the children.   To our surprise our children’s Medicaid was immediately discontinued upon filing the SSI application.   They lost all in home services, Medicaid insurance, therapy, and medical supplies they received through the State Medicaid Waiver. 

After making many phone calls and doing research online I was informed that there is a policy that states a person cannot have an application with DCBS and SSI at the same time.  We were never informed this prior to making the application.

MS 4650 “An application for SSI pending with the SSA is also an application for Aged, Blind, or Disabled MA.  Deny any duplicate application for Aged, Blind, or Disabled MA made with DCBS”

I was also informed that this is an automatic computer generator procedure in which there is no room for interpretation.   During the time that the SSI application is being reviewed Medicaid will be discontinued.   As we all know the application process is not a quick process and could take up to 6 months or longer.  During that time our children will not have any needed services provided by Medicaid or the Medicaid Waiver.

It is my opinion that although this policy makes sense its generalized application does not.   Yes if my children were applying for SSI and Medicaid at the same time it would be a duplicate application.  However, in the case of my children they already had Medicaid.   It was NOT a duplicate application.   A service that they qualify for and have been receiving for several years has been stopped.   They can no longer receive therapy and they no longer have in home services.   We have in home medical supplies which Medicaid has been providing, which includes feeding tube supplies that will no longer be covered. 

We have since discovered other children have also lost their Medicaid due to this policy.   Something needs to change.  Where is the continuance of services?  Medicaid should not be stopped on application but should continue until SSI is approved or denied.   Please help us spread the word!

Friday, March 6, 2015

Fit and Energized Mama

A year ago I began a journey to get healthy.  I had become tired and worn out.  I was not feeling well and having a hard time dragging myself out of the bed.  I feel amazing now!  So much energy.  I would be happy to share more information with you individually if you are interested. 
Just shoot me an email! 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

China Day 4 GOTCHA DAY

Let me clarify before I continue, this is an expedited adoption.  The in country adoption process was also expedited so what you are about to read is not typical for GOTCHA day. 

Had breakfast at the hotel and prepared to meet Joshua.  We went to the store to pick up a few things.  This was something I had never done, escalator for your grocery cart.

We had to complete some paperwork this morning before we met him.  We arrived at the Official Office to meet Joshua and he had not arrived yet.  We were the only family there at the time.  We scheduled an early appointment so we could get Joshua to the hospital right after we met him. 

As we waited they walked around the corner.  Joshua was a little smaller than I expected.  He was quiet.  We went into the officials office for the "official" meeting.  He came to me easily.  He fussed a little after a few minutes.  He threw a little temper tantrum.  All in all it was a pretty easy transition compared to some I have experienced.

We went straight to the hospital to hopefully get some guidance on his current condition and another blood test.  Unfortunately,  all we got was "he needs to be in the hospital for a long time so we can run tests".  Well, that was not going to work for me! 
We headed back to the hotel to find food and prepare for the next day.   That evening we headed out to People's Park for a little stroll.  We took lots of selfies. 

Sunday, February 15, 2015

China Day 3

Looking back on this day is kinda a blur.  It was that morning I realized we were in for an interesting trip.  I consulted with our pediatrician back home and she advised me on the seriousness of Joshua's current condition and that it would not be safe to fly without him using oxygen.   After research we discovered that oxygen was not an option on flights within China.

We met our guide after breakfast to head to Nanning, Guangxi to meet Joshua.  On the way to the airport I shared with her what our pediatrician had advised.  We had to come up with a quick plan as we were to meet Joshua the next morning and then fly with him the day after. 

I know they were a little concerned about us but sometimes you gotta do what ya gotta do.   The ONLY other option than flying was a 18 hour overnight train ride alone without a guide.   Our agency guide said she would take care of everything and explain it to our guide in Nanning.

Miranda and I hopped on the 3 1/2 hour flight to Nanning.

Our wonderful guide met us at the airport, helped us settle into the hotel and get some groceries.  We had a little extra time so we walked around People's Park.  It was nice there about 70 degrees.  A far cry from the freezing weather of Beijing. 

China Day 2

We had a nice breakfast at the hotel and then headed to THE GREAT WALL OF CHINA!!!!  I was so excited to share this with my daughter.  Oh by the way it was FREEZING and very windy.  We enjoyed our time but we were ready to get back inside too. 

That evening we went to an Acrobatics Show.  Sadly you could not take pictures of video.  Miranda really enjoyed the show. 

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Day 1 Part 2

I had to add a part 2 to day one.  When we arrived in Beijing our guide picked us up from the airport.  On our way to the hotel we had time to talk about David and Joshua.  This is where our adventure took a drastic turn.  It was then that the magnitude of our "rescue mission" really hit me.

I was told the orphanage had been in the process of taking David off the available list and deeming him "unadoptable" when we requested to adopt him.  Our guide said she had to convince the orphanage that a family really wanted to adopt him.  God's timing is perfect.  If we had waited even a day more to say YES David's life may have been on a different path right now.  UNADOPTABLE.  I am so thankful that God prompted our hearts and we did not hesitate. 

We started talking about Joshua and she handed me a piece of paper giving results from a recent blood test.  She stated that the doctor was concerned by the results and the orphanage wanted me to have the information before we met Joshua.  She asked me to please consult with my doctor back home as soon as possible.  I really didn't think much of it.  I knew Joshua had been severely malnourished so I expected some abnormal test results.  Our guide went on to explain that when Joshua arrived at the orphanage they didn't think he was going to live.  The orphanage decided to not waste any more resources/nanny's time on him and moved him up to the second floor.  That was a gut check right there. 

I think my emotions were all over the place at this point.  .


How is it possible that a life no longer has value?  How it is possible that a child is no longer worthy of a family?

China Day 1

Well it was a rollercoaster ride and the internet was unreliable.  We are home.  I am going to post our daily adventures now.

DAY  1
The ransom has been paid.  We are headed out on a rescue mission.  We are breaking our boys out of the hell they have been living for the last few years. 

We left Lexington around 6:30 a.m.  Flew to Detriot and then to Beijing.  The flight to Beijing was 14 hours long.   I have to say it was the smoothest flight I have ever been on.  Miranda did great!  The view from the sky was beautiful that morning.  We arrive in Beijing in the evening.  Got some dinner and headed to bed. 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

China Bound

I can't believe we leave in the morning!!!  Lots going through my mind right now.  Leaving my husband and children is one of the hardest things I have to do.

Here is our schedule!

Jan 24th  TOURING

Jan 26th  GOTCHA for Joshua

Jan 28th  GOTCHA for David

Feb 7th   HOME!!

If internet works well I will try to post daily about our travels!!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Happy Family Day

One of my favorite parts of adoption is our "Family Day".  I know everyone celebrates "Gotcha Day" but I LOVE "Family Day".  So you are probably thinking, what is family day then?

Family Day is the day a new family is born at the airport.  The day when mom, dad, newly adopted children, and siblings are finally all together for the first time.  It's probably one of the most beautiful things you will see this side of Heaven.  So many raw emotions, fears, and excitement all rolled up together. 

Today is our 5 year Family Day with Grace and Sera!
We love you Grace and Sera! 
We are so blessed that you are a part of our family.


Thursday, January 1, 2015

My Word for 2015 is HOPE

When you tell someone they have value an amazing thing starts happening.  HOPE infiltrates every part of their life. 

God placed the word HOPE in my heart yesterday.  Immediately after a picture popped into my head.  This is my sweet Jacob when we accepted his referral 6 years ago.

This is a picture of Jacob they day we first met, four quick months after we decided to make him our son.

Do you see it?  Someone invested in Jacob.  Someone told him he had value.  He was wanted.  Jacob was given HOPE and he started to thrive. 

Now fast forward to 2014.  We saw a picture of a little boy who broke our hearts in ways we never thought possible.  A little boy who was told he had no worth. 


Then someone invested in him.  Someone told him he had value.  He was wanted.  He was given HOPE and he started to thrive.

In just 15 days I will travel to meet our two newest sons.  The first thing I will tell them is "They are wanted and they are loved". 

My word for 2015 is "HOPE".  I don't know what that is going to look like but I do know that God has placed it on my heart this year to #behope and #showhope to others.

Won't you join me?