Wednesday, February 18, 2015

China Day 4 GOTCHA DAY

Let me clarify before I continue, this is an expedited adoption.  The in country adoption process was also expedited so what you are about to read is not typical for GOTCHA day. 

Had breakfast at the hotel and prepared to meet Joshua.  We went to the store to pick up a few things.  This was something I had never done, escalator for your grocery cart.

We had to complete some paperwork this morning before we met him.  We arrived at the Official Office to meet Joshua and he had not arrived yet.  We were the only family there at the time.  We scheduled an early appointment so we could get Joshua to the hospital right after we met him. 

As we waited they walked around the corner.  Joshua was a little smaller than I expected.  He was quiet.  We went into the officials office for the "official" meeting.  He came to me easily.  He fussed a little after a few minutes.  He threw a little temper tantrum.  All in all it was a pretty easy transition compared to some I have experienced.

We went straight to the hospital to hopefully get some guidance on his current condition and another blood test.  Unfortunately,  all we got was "he needs to be in the hospital for a long time so we can run tests".  Well, that was not going to work for me! 
We headed back to the hotel to find food and prepare for the next day.   That evening we headed out to People's Park for a little stroll.  We took lots of selfies. 

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