Sunday, February 15, 2015

China Day 3

Looking back on this day is kinda a blur.  It was that morning I realized we were in for an interesting trip.  I consulted with our pediatrician back home and she advised me on the seriousness of Joshua's current condition and that it would not be safe to fly without him using oxygen.   After research we discovered that oxygen was not an option on flights within China.

We met our guide after breakfast to head to Nanning, Guangxi to meet Joshua.  On the way to the airport I shared with her what our pediatrician had advised.  We had to come up with a quick plan as we were to meet Joshua the next morning and then fly with him the day after. 

I know they were a little concerned about us but sometimes you gotta do what ya gotta do.   The ONLY other option than flying was a 18 hour overnight train ride alone without a guide.   Our agency guide said she would take care of everything and explain it to our guide in Nanning.

Miranda and I hopped on the 3 1/2 hour flight to Nanning.

Our wonderful guide met us at the airport, helped us settle into the hotel and get some groceries.  We had a little extra time so we walked around People's Park.  It was nice there about 70 degrees.  A far cry from the freezing weather of Beijing. 

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