Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Selfish Confession

I am going to be real honest here.  Ever have those days when you just wished the world revolved around you?  That you could have whatever you wanted?  Well, I am having one of those WEEKS!!!!  I hate to admit my selfishness.  It feels gross and ugly.   I really hate this part of me.  I hate the feeling of not being content.  I REALLY WANT some new stuff for our adoption trip.  Do I NEED new stuff.  NO!!!!!!!!!!

I want new "matching" bags for our trip to China.     
Love this bag in "Lotsa Dots" and add a cargo bag purse, and Retro Metro tote for a diaper bag.
How cute would that be?

I want a new camera that is small but takes great pictures.

I want an iphone or ipad.  It would be so convenient for traveling.

Don't even get me started on stuff for Isaac and Lily.   Hairbows, hats, cute new clothes,  fun toys, and I could go on and on.

Please Lord help me to overcome these selfish desires with YOUR contentment.  I want to be grateful for what I have and not want for more than I need. 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Church Adoption Funds Through Lifesong

"The blessings go way beyond any financial support because the family is just knowing that the church cares."
--Dave Blaske, His Kids-Our Homes Adoption Fund Director

Listen in as His Kids-Our Homes Adoption Fund share about their partnership with Lifesong for Orphans...

It has been exciting for us as a ministry to have a front-row view in what God is doing through our 210 active and intentional Church Fund Partners.  In the past six months alone, we have seen the generosity of these churches provide over $627,650 to 193 adoptive families in the form of grants and loans.
The refreshing joy of serving families, blessing orphans, and ultimately glorifying God is at the core of each church fund that we partner with.  We celebrate the work that God is doing through each of them as He places the lonely into families (Psalm 68:6). 

For more stories about how a church fund can bless adoptive families, we invite you to watch the Quine & Stewart family adoption videos.
To learn more about Lifesong Church Funds, please visit our website or contact Rich Metcalfe (309.747.4528,

"And let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works." Hebrews 10:24  

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Giveaway Winners!!!

First let me say a big THANK YOU to everyone who has donated to our matching grant.  We are currently at $3,300.  We are half way there!!  You can still donate to our matching grant. I have placed a DONATE BUTTON on the right sidebar to make it easier to donate. 


I have emailed all the prize winners except for two I need contact information. 

Kathryn Lee and Ashley Tucker

Please email me @ so I can get your prize to you!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

House Update

Many of you have prayed with us over the last couple of years concerning our housing situation.  For those of you who have not followed my blog long here is a brief overview.  We had downsized our home 7 years ago so that we could afford for me to stay home with the kids.  We had two birth children and were adopting ONE daughter from China.  We built a 1700 sq ft home that perfectly suited our small family.  We had no idea what God had in store for our family.  We never thought we would be parenting children with physical disabilities.  We NEVER thought we would have TEN children.  We have been praying and searching for a home that would accommodate our growing family and also our son's wheelchair. 

In January of this year we FINALLY started the process of building a house.  Our new home will have 4,000 sq ft with 6 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms.  Most importantly, it will be wheelchair accessible!!! 

I wanted to share with you an update on the progress.

Now for a really cool God story . . .

Let me start by saying that we are praying that God will provide a platform stair lift for Jacob to move between the 1st floor and basement. The cost is about $12,000. So we are building this house fully expecting God to provide. 

They are framing our house and when we started measuring in the basement we realized that there would not be enough space at the bottom of the stairs for the lift. The whole reason we are building a house is so that Jacob would have FULL ACCESS to the ENTIRE house. I was a complete mess but kept saying, "God, I know you want Jacob to have this house so I know you are going to take care of this". Our incredible friend/realtor got on the ball and contacted the engineer. They went out to the house and in a way only God could orchestrate we got our miracle. I will make a long story short. The stairs had been delivered just that morning. They put the stairs in and they were SHORTER than they had expected giving us a foot more space at the bottom. There was also a framing issue that when resolved would give us a few more inches. God found us a foot and a half more space at the bottom of those stairs WITHOUT even having to make changes to the floor plan. God even gave us a few EXTRA inches for fun!!!

I can't wait to share with you more cool features and pictures of our house.  It is not an "Extreme Home Makeover" but I am pretty excited about what God has provided and will continue to provide. 

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

There have been so many thoughts running around in my head recently I have been unable to verbalize them.  I still don't know what to do with much of the information.  I have been hurting for adoptive families, who after bringing their child home, then for whatever reason are unable to continue to parent that child.  I attended Orphan Summit in California in May.  It was supposed to be a time of refreshment and encouragement for myself as an adoptive mother.  However, while I was there God began encouraging me to learn more ways the church can support foster/adoptive families.  I was so encouraged to hear how many churches were supporting these families and children. 

I recently met with some leaders in my own church to discuss ways we can support the foster/adoptive families in our church.  We actually have a large populations of adoptive/foster families.  I have two concerns for the families in our church, including my own family.  We have a fantastic support group lead by a couple of adoptive moms, but I really think that families are needing more. Support and encouragement of fellow adoptive families is very important but that is only a piece of the puzzle.   We are lacking support from the outside.  We need our church family to come along beside us to fill in where we can't do for ourselves.  Although adoption agencies are required to provide educational opportunities I still don't think families are prepared.  If, we as the church are going to step up to the call and encourage families to adopt/foster we, the church, need to be the ones to stand up next to them and hold them up.  Families are not prepared for the isolation they feel.  They are not prepared for the embarrassment that goes along with the lack of immediate attachment.  They are not prepared to have their marriage challenged.  They are not prepared for the spiritual warfare that will go on in their home.  They are not prepared for the loss of friendships and family.  WAKE UP CHURCH!!  WE NEED YOU!!!  We need someone to call and check on us.  We need someone to provide respite care.  We need someone to bring us a meal.  We need someone to be brave enough to come hang out at our house for adult conversation.  We need someone to pray with us.  We need someone to notice when we haven't been to church in a month. 

Second, our churches are not prepared to minister to our children.  I know that our family is quite unique due to our size and the number of needs our children have.  However, I have talked with several adoptive families and they are experiencing the same feelings.  Children who come from hard places or have significant medical/emotional needs have needs that are unique to them.   I am hearing too many families who are not sending their children into the church classroom because they feel that the leaders are not equipped to handle their child's very unique needs and behaviors.  We need our church family to be willing to be educated about the needs of our children.  We need our church family to love our children unconditionally.  We need our church family to be willing to volunteer to be our child's buddy so they can attend their age level class. 

I am seeing families, like my own, become isolated from their church family.  I would like to say that the meeting with my church leaders was productive but I can't say it was.  In fact, it was said, "it may be easier to start something outside the church.  Inside the church programs just get smothered out by church policies".   That is so true.  We attend what you would call a "mega church".   It is sad to say that church has become a "big business".  I will save that discussion for another time.  I don't know what God is wanting me to do with all of this.  Sometimes I feel like I am too weak to minister to other families but that is just selfishness.   How can I minister to others when I too am in need.  God has laid this upon my heart that I know, not sure what is next.

I just want to add, for those families who know us personally, life at our house is not always rosy.   I know that many times we look like we have it all together when we are in public.  Yes, I have had to physically dress my preteen adopted child because she refused to wear the same clothes more than once.  Yes, I have held a child screaming for their birth mom.  Yes, I have had a child tell me they want to go back to their birth country.  Yes, I have held a child as they screamed uncontrollably at night from night terrors.  Yes, I have been pushed away.  Yes, I have spent hours at a time repeatedly putting a child in time out.  Yes, I have sat in my closet and cried out to God.  Yes, I have wondered if I will ever attach to this child.  Yes, I yell at my kids.  Yes, I worry about my children with medical issues.  Yes, it overwhelms me sometimes.  Yes, I struggle daily.  So, if you need a friend I am here.  I may not understand exactly what you are going through but know that I too am struggling right along beside you.