Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Story of Jacob's Bus

As you know I have been dreaming about and looking at wheelchair accessible minibuses for over a year.  Not that I like to put God in a box, but I really never thought we would be able to get one.  I know better than to tell God what he can't do.  Here is our awesome story . . .

Our church does this thing call the "dollar club".  Watch the video below.

The Dollar Club from Southland Christian Church on Vimeo.

I received a phone call back in April from someone at our church saying they would like our family to be the recipients of the Dollar Club on Easter Sunday.  You are not going to believe what God did!!!  Our church had a record attendance on Easter Sunday.  Our family was blessed with a little over $20,000 for our bus.  SERIOUSLY???  Only God could do that!!

I started researching and talking to bus companies.  One of them just stuck out to me.  Not sure what it was, I just felt good about them.  After much searching and talking we decided the best option would be to order a new bus that would meet all our needs.  A $65,580 bus!!!  We knew we would have to take out a loan so I said "give me the best deal you can".   He came back with a pretty good discount, basically giving it to us at wholesale value.  Of course still out of our price range, but we had our van to trade in or sale.  We asked him what he could give us on our van as a trade in.   He was a little skeptical and said probably not as much as you would like.  We sent pictures and he looked around and surprisingly gave us exactly what we were asking.  Yes, God was working big time behind the scenes!!! 

Oh but it gets better!!

We ended up purchasing that $65,580 bus for exactly $19,850!!!!   SERIOUSLY!!!  Only God could do that!!!

Thursday we traveled to Nashville to pick up Jacob's bus.  What a great day!  We stopped by the Show Hope office for a visit before heading over to pick up the bus. 

Gabriel standing under his picture in the Show Hope office.

When we got to the bus dealer several of the staff came out to introduce themselves to the kids.  AGAIN ONLY GOD!!!  As the kids were telling their names the guy starting talking to them about the Biblical origin of their names.  In their office they had pictures of Israel and Jerusalem.   Several of the staff said they had been to Israel several times.  It was very obvious that the owners and many of the staff were Bible believing Christ followers.  GOD IS SO GOOD!!!

Thank you Southland Christian Church and Carpenter Bus for blessing our family with this amazing gift!!