Monday, April 25, 2011

Ethiopia Day one and two

We arrived in Ethiopia late Saturday night.  Easter Sunday morning we met our daughter.  As soon as we walked in the gate she recognized us from our picture.  She ran up jumped into my arms and wrapped herself around me. It was beautiful.  She is very attached to Daddy now.  We spent 3 hours with her on Sunday.  She loves to play basketball and can jump rope really well.  She is a very active little girl. 
Today we went to lunch, did the mountain thing(3rd time now), and some shopping.  It was great to have some other families join us this evening.  We had been alone at the guesthouse.  We all went out for Chinese food.  We have enjoyed just getting out and walking around the city. 
Tomorrow morning is court.  Can't wait to show you a picture of our daughter.
Rebecca Maas
Mom to Miranda(age 6), Ethan(age 3), Faith (age 2)
Gabriel (age 2) & Jacob (age 1)

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