Sunday, April 3, 2011

A God Sighting

Ok, so not actually God himself but God through another person.  There have been MANY God sightings recently. 

Last week I went to get a new cell phone.  A little history behind my phone.   We have always depended on the "free phone with contract" cell phones.  We have NEVER paid for a phone.  We do not use the data plans so we don't need all those frills.  Although I would LOVE to have a fancy phone it is just not in the budget or necessary for our lifestyle.  Two years ago, as we were preparing for me to travel to Ethiopia, I got a new phone.  The phone was supposed to be able to be used internationally and supposed to be a little higher quality than the phone I had.  Well, it did not work ANYWHERE except in the USA.  It was always very hard to hear the person calling and I always had people tell me they could barely hear me.   So last week when I received a card in the mail saying I could get an early upgrade I was super excited.  Off I went to the phone store with all seven children in tow.   To my dismay I was told that they do not have any free phones but they do give a substantial rebates on certain phones.  I said "thank you" and started out the door with the kids.  The kids, being curious as they are, asked why I did not get a phone.  I simply responded, as we were walking out the door, that mommy could not afford to buy a $60.00 phone.  Sometimes I should probably keep my mouth closed until we get into the car.

I love when God sends us encouragement just at the right moment.  It had been a hard couple of days.  I had tried to get some errands completed for two days and kept running into obstacles.  I remember thinking as I loaded the kids in the car at the phone store, "can't anything be easy".  Tears started to well up in my eyes.  Seconds later a very nice lady, who had been at the counter purchasing a phone, came up to me and asked if she could buy me a phone.  I was certainly taken back a moment but how do you say no to a blessing from a stranger.  She told me that she had been a foster parent for many years and that her children were now off to college.  She said she understood how hard being a mom is and she really wanted to do this for me.  I got a new phone and a blessing!!

I will probably never see that sweet lady again but I am grateful that God used her that day to give me a blessing.  Are you listening to God?  Are you missing out on giving someone a blessing?  Are you missing out on being blessed by giving?


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