Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Tomorrow I take Sera to Cincinnati Children's Hospital to have extensive testing on her eyes.  She will be put to sleep and they will do several tests on her eyes.  The procedures takes 1 1/2 hours.  She has had a little congestion due to a cold so I have been praying that God will still allow this test to happen tomorrow.

The genetic disorder that Sera has been diagnosed with generally causes total loss of vision by puberty.  They begin to loose vision around 7-9 years old beginning with loss of vision in low light.  Sera, at age 2, has already lost her low light vision, depth perception, and peripheral vision.  From these tests the doctor should be able to tell us where she currently is with her vision and what to expect in the future.   This is a big deal for us!  This information will help us prepare for Sera's future needs. 

This picture is from this summer.  I just thought a fun picture was in order!


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  2. Wow. Praying for her.
    This made me remember when I took her to her doctors appointment in Ethiopia and had to hold her down as they spent a couple hours doing x-rays and drew her blood. She was a good girl but it wore her out and she slept on my shoulder the whole way back to the transition house. On the way home I prayed that someday a family would come to take this special little girl. And here she is, a year and a half later with a family that takes care of her and loves her. No matter what the outcome of the tests, I know that she's in a family that will help her become the best she can be.