Friday, February 4, 2011

My Heart is Breaking

Children are suffering and children are dying.  My heart has been broken so deeply this week I honestly can not find the words to express my thoughts.  I know this is not a new revelation but sometimes my little heart can not stand the pain. 

I shared in this post about a little girl who desperately needs to come to America for surgery.  This is life saving surgery!  She is thought to have Down Syndrome, of course there is no way to do the testing in her birth country.  She has some issues with her heart and needs to have surgery.  People all across the USA have been looking for a medical facility who can take her as a "charity" case.  I thought we were so close.  A local hospital was considering her case.   All the surgeons and staff were excited to help and offered to donate their services.  We had support services and therapist in place also.  However, the hospital was unable to take on another "charity" case at this time.  I must insert that this hospital does do a lot of charity cases so I can not blame them for that.  It will cost approximately $200,000 for her to have the surgery that she needs.  So our options are 1. continue to look for a hospital to take a "charity" case. (which we are doing)   2.  raise $200,000 to pay for the surgery.

What breaks my heart more than anything is the fact that two children in her orphanage passed away this week.  Fransisca and Tania went to be with their Heavenly Father.  What is even more heart breaking is there are millions of other children around the world who are suffering and dying too.  My heart is heavy!

The orphanage where these girls are from in Haiti is wonderful.  They are taking in the most medically fragile children and providing them with the best chance of survival.  I encourage you to go to their website and read more about their programs.

Then I hear about a little girl named Masha.  Masha just turned four year old but she is the size of a two year old.  Beautiful little girl with a sweet personality.  Time is running out for Masha.  Masha is being transferred from an infant orphanage to a mental institution where she will remind for the rest of her life.  If an adoptive family does not find Masha soon she will live the rest of her life in an adult mental institute.  I can't even wrap my mind around that.  There is still hope for Masha.  Some wonderful people have supplied an adoption grant of $17,000 to help with her adoption cost.

Every time I talk about helping a precious child who is suffering I get, "you can't save them all".  My response, "I am not going to save any children, that is the work of God".  However, I am a vessel being used by God to be His hands and feet.   The next question I get is, "haven't you done enough to help".  My response, "no, as long as their are children suffering and dying I have not done enough.  Our job is not done". 

So, I will continue to allow God to break my heart for these children.  I will continue to advocate for those who can not speak for themselves.  At the end of my life I want my Heavenly Father to look at me and say, "well done, my good and faithful servant".

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