Monday, February 14, 2011

My Sweet Valentine

Today our daughter, home one year from Ethiopia, looked at a wedding picture on our wall and said, "who is in that picture"?  I said, "that is me and daddy when we got married".  She responds, "that is not you, she is too pretty".   I said, "I promise that is me but I was much younger than".  She says, "mama, marriage has not been good to you.  I don't think I will get married".  HAHA!!! 

Shorty after that my handsome husband came home with beautiful roses and a card that says, "for my wife, you're not just cute, you're HOT! and you're not just HOT, you're SIZZLING HOT! and you're not just SIZZLING HOT, you're SMOKIN'!  I am so glad that after 13 years of marriage he still thinks I am as hot as the day he met me.  Babe, I think your SMOKIN' too!!

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