Thursday, February 24, 2011

Adoption Update - BAD NEWS/GOOD NEWS

Apparently there are some issues with communication between us and our adoption agency.  After waiting 5 weeks after we had been "submitted" to court I contacted the agency to check on our status.  The agency said they were unaware that our case had been submitted to court.  I referred to the email I received 5 weeks ago stating our case had been submitted.  Apparently, our case was submitted but the courts rejected it asking for an additional document.  So our case was never actually filed in court. Unfortunately, the agency did not convey that information to us.  So for the last 5 weeks we have been anticipating our court date. 

Our case is now filed in court as of yesterday.  At least now that means our tax return should be here before we travel. 

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  1. The tangled adoption web dance can be terribly frustrating, huh.
    Praying for you.