Monday, February 28, 2011

Never a Dull Moment




We have had yet another MAJOR change in our schedule.  Sera's hand/foot surgery was scheduled for later this month so I called today just to confirm.  The surgery scheduler says, "I have been trying to get ahold of you for a while".  Really,  I have not gotten any messages from you.  She says,"well, I don't really like leaving messages."  So, OK?  How am I supposed to know to call you?  Anyway, long story short.  There was a last minute event scheduled that ALL doctors have to attend so there will be no surgeries that day.  I explain that we have been jumping through hoops for a year to get that surgery scheduled and getting two surgeons scheduled is very difficult.  She says looking at her calender, "it will probably at least be May before they can schedule both surgeons but I will see what we can do."

We have been putting life on hold due to our current adoption and this surgery.   Now, they have both been put off without a certain reschedule date.  We have still been unable to confirm whether our case has actually been submitted to court yet.  We were kinda at peace with the adoption delay because we were a little nervous that the surgery and court would be around the same date.  Now they have both been delayed!  What is up with that?

I know for sure that God has a plan but right now I am not seeing it.  Can't wait to look back and say, "ahh, that makes sense."  Never a dull moment!


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  1. I pray for your family as you look to HIm for His will In His time!!!