Saturday, November 10, 2007

Day 9 - December 15

This morning we went to have the kids physicals. Faith did not like it at all. In fact she protested the entire time. She officially weights 18.7 pounds a few pounds less than the orphanage had reported. After the physicals we completed all the paperwork for our consulate appointments. The rest of the day we had free to roam the city. We journeyed over to Guangzhou City and visited a local shopping district. We were the only non-Asian people around but we still felt quite comfortable. The Chinese people are very welcoming. We also did some souvenir shopping on Shiaman Island where we are staying. The shops here cater to adoptive families. We found a few things but are still looking for those perfect souvenirs.

How was Faith today?? To sum it up in 2 words VERY GRUMPY! She cried through breakfast, bathtime, diaper change, medicine, physical, and every time she did not get what she wanted. She is in bed now and has woke up twice crying. I don't know if she is finally grieving or just having a hard day.

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