Saturday, November 10, 2007

Day 6 - December 12

We did not do much today. We stayed around the hotel this morning and this evening went out to shopping mall and Pizza Hut. Yes, we are still in China. The mall was actually nicer than our local mall in Lexington.

Please continue to be in prayer for Faith. She continues to get hives about twice a day. We are not sure if it is a food or due to stress. She seems to be able to tell when they start because she will start scratching and showing me where it itches and sure enough about 1/2hour to an hour later she has hives. Other than the hives she is doing great and continues to get stronger every day. She is still attached to me but is beginning to let others get close to her and play. YEAH! This gives me a little break. That's all for now. I did update the Photobucket so enjoy the pictures.

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