Saturday, November 10, 2007

Day 11- December 17

Today was our consulate appointment. We did not have to attend our guide went for us and everything went well. We should get her passport with visa tomorrow at the Oath Cermony.

I did finally get my massage. Wow, did that hurt! My neck is much better but I had to suffer through a painful 30 minutes. Unfortunately, Darren had to suffer also. He watched Faith which I went for the massage. He said she cried to entire time but when I went to pick her up she stopped immediately. We did some more shopping this afternoon.

Tonight we did a river boat cruise down the Pearl River. It was very beautiful. All the buildings along the river were lit up. Faith fell asleep half was though the cruise.

Update on Faith:
She is becoming more congested and stuffy everyday and we are seeing more & more food coming out of her nose. Her lip looks fantastic but it is obvious she will still need some work inside her mouth.

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