Saturday, March 3, 2012


Yesterday, we were in the path of the storms that went through Kentucky. Due to the very high risk that we would have a significant tornado outbreak we packed up and headed to a friends house with a basement. We were very fortunate to not have any tornadoes in our direct vicinity.

We had several hours warning so we had time to pack necessary items and some treasures. After packing the medication, diapers, pediasure, wheelchair, etc. . .

I packed up my most treasured items in the car.

*picture by Nina Mullins Photography

Next I grabbed this folder!

This folder represents two children in China.
I could not leave them behind.  

As I was packing up I noticed our son putting a few things in my bag.
I did not take time to see what they were.

When we arrived at our destination I went to get something out of the bag
 and found this in the bottom.
I have a few things I could learn from my 6 year old son!


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