Thursday, March 22, 2012


We have been looking for a bigger house for several years.  We were just not finding anything within our budget.  Then, in September of last year God increased our monthly budget.  Enough were we could seriously begin looking for a larger house, but we were still a little hesitant.  God had to give us a CLEAR signal that we needed to put our house on the market and start looking for a house.

On Christmas Day, later in the evening, the doorbell rang.  When I opened the door there was a beautifully wrapped present on our porch.  When I opened the box inside I found $1,500 in CASH!!!  The card said “please use this gift to help in the purchase of your new home whenever God makes it available to you”.   PS. “We pray that God will find a way for this gift to be multiplied for you and the He will be glorified!!” 

That was all we needed!  After the holidays we began looking for a house.  Still we just did not find anything that would meet the needs of our children.  We decided we should build a house so that we could accommodate ALL the needs of our children.  This house is not for us but for our kids!

The next step was to put our current house on the market.  Although our monthly budget had increased we still needed to put a large sum as a down payment on the new house to get it within our budget.  God is good and always provides.  We had put a considerable amount of money down on our current house so we just needed to get that money back out of the house when we sold it.  NO BIG DEAL, RIGHT???  I think our realtor/friend thought we were crazy.  No one is making money on the sale of a house these days.  Darren and I prayed about the number we would need.  We put the house on the market for $3,000 more than we absolutely had to sale at in order to get our money back out of the house.  Our realtor in a very gentle way said, “don’t be disappointed if we have to lower the price in a week or two”.  We also wanted to be able to stay in our house and rent it from the new owners when it sold.  We still had no house and where were we going to find a place that will rent to a family with eight kids. 

You are NOT going to believe what happened!!!!

Our house was on the market for two weeks when we got an offer on the house.  We closed on it TODAY!!!  AND guess what else??   we are still living in it!!!  When the guy came to look at our house he had already started working on financing to build a house but his realtor talked him into looking at our house.  He loved it.  One of the reasons he loved it was because he could not move in until June so he was excited that we wanted to rent it from him until then.  WOOHOO!!

Guess what we sold it for??  The EXACT number we had prayed for!!!!!

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