Thursday, March 29, 2012

Package for Isaac

We have always sent packages to our children ourselves but this time I decided to use a service.  Ann with Red Thread was recommended over and over again.  Now I understand why!  She was so nice and prompt.  She spoke with our son's orphanage the same day she received our request.  The package will be in his little hands in a couple of days.  She also sent us a picture of the package she is sending to Isaac. 


  1. That's awesome that you can send things to him! Your family is really really lovely!

    p.s. hopped over from the blog hom :)

  2. What a fun looking package! I love that you get to send your kiddos gifts!!! Isaac & Lily are both too cute for words! :)

    Thanks for joining the blog hop - it's really fun getting to find some new blogs to read!!

    Emilie & Abigail's mama-to-be