Sunday, March 4, 2012

Another picture of sweet Lily

Now that we have pre-approval we can send our Lily a package. 
 I love being able to send our new kids a little something from their forever family.
Somehow it just makes it feel a little more real.


  1. she is just darling! congratulations on your newest addition and may God bring her home quickly!

  2. She is adorable!!! Was she listed under another name? She looks like a little girl I saw listed somewhere and just loved so just curious if it is the same girl.

    1. Barb, she was listed as Dakota on the Lifeline waiting list.

    2. I knew it! Oh my I look at her picture all the time and have sent it to my husband many times. We are in the middle of adopting our second with DS from Hong Kong so couldn't get her but am so thankful her family found her! She could not be any cuter!

  3. So glad to see another Kentucky family adopting through
    RR! Lily is beautiful, and I hope all goes well with your adoption journey.

    I am an RR advocate of several years, and volunteered for the RR booth at last fall's Buddy Walk. My link with RR is via my two beautiful young lady cousins, who joined our family from Ukraine six years ago. I am a regular poster on the RR board under "Susan in Ky" or Susan-BB

    I was in my basement, too, last Friday - we were very fortunate in this part of Ky to have been spared what so many of our fellow Kentuckians suffered. It's good to see everyone rallying to help out now.

    Best wishes,
    Susan, also in Ky
    just up the road in the big town/city

    1. Susan,

      We are moving to the big city at the end of the summer. Hope we can meet some day. We are planning a "Mom Prom" to benefit our adoption. Would love if you could come.

  4. I'm not a mom - but the Mom Prom sounds like so much fun! Keep me posted - I'd love to meet you all.

    Hope you find just the right house here in the "big city" ;-).