Friday, March 16, 2012

New Pictures and Package for Lily

How cute is she?

I love getting to send our new children a package introducing their new family. 
Here are the contents of Lily's package.


  1. Oh, how I loved sending care packages! Just knowing that the things you touch...she will be touching!


  2. I think it's wonderful that you can send packages. I don't think I can do that for our girls in EE. Maybe I should ask. By the way, she is so adorable!

  3. She is so adorable and absolutely perfect! Still so happy she has a great family coming for her because I was always so drawn to her on the agency site!

  4. Oh she is just the most gorgeous little girl!!!!!! Look at her smile!!!!! My little girl is from Hangzhou, home 4 months now. Is it your son that is from Hangzhou? I am going to look and see if I have him in any of my photos from our trip there. He is absolutely adorable!!!! Some day we need to have a Hangzhou reunion and get all these little blessings together in one place!!

    1. Yes Mary our son is waiting in Hangzhou. Would love to see any pictures you might have of him.