Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcome to 2011

We have a busy year planned ALREADY!!!   Here is a list of our goals for this year.

1.  Our new daughter will be coming home.  We are waiting on our court date. 

2.  Sera will be having extensive testing on her eyes in January.

3.  Sera will be having surgery in March to remove extra fingers and toes.  She will have casts on her hands and feet for at least two weeks.

4.  I will have 5 children to be home schooled next school year.  YIKES!!!  This will take lots of planning this year.  Finding quiet spaces for them to work has been difficult this year and I only had 2 doing "real" school work.

5.  We will continue to be praying for God's guidance with our housing and vehicle situation in 2011.

6.  We also hope to squeeze in a couple of weekend trips.  We love to go camping and plan to go a couple of times this summer.

I do have ONE personal goal for the year.   This year I am going to work on becoming more selfless.  I want to serve others more.  My ongoing prayer for this year will be for God to lay on my heart specific people and ways I can serve them.  A year ago we read the book Crazy Love by Francis Chan.  It really challenged our family and we have spent the last year making some changes in our lifestyles and mindset to prepare us to love others more intentionally. 

Every once in a while I come across a song that captures what I have been thinking.  My theme song for the year is Crazy Love by Hawk Nelson.

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  1. I am home schooling 5 this is working pretty good and now next year I will be adding 2 more...LOL, by HIS Grace!