Monday, May 17, 2010

Update on the kiddos

I thought today I would post an update on our kids for all our family and friends who we don't see very often.

Miranda is finishing up her 2nd grade home school curriculum. She will continue math & reading through the summer. It has been wonderful to see Miranda blossom since Grace joined our family. I expected more difficult issues but instead I have found that Miranda's confidence and self esteem has been boosted. Of course, they argue as sisters do but Miranda has really benefited from having an older sister. She is now riding her bike without training wheels and is becoming much more independent.

Grace has been such a blessing to our family. She is a wonderful big sister. She is so loving to her new siblings. She has learned lots of new things like, riding a bike(no training wheels), swinging, jumping on the trampoline, and fishing. Grace is learning English very quickly and is also working on a 2nd grade level.

Ethan has really matured in the last year. He has learned to focus his energy and is not near as wild and crazy. Ethan still loves helping his dad around the house and outside. Ethan is very athletic and agile. We received a Wii Fit and over the winter Ethan mastered most of the games. He is also riding his bike without training wheels. He is learning new tricks on his skateboard. Ethan will be going to public Kindergarten next year. He is very excited!!

Faith is as sweet and beautiful as ever. We have struggled to find just the right services for Faith. This spring she started preschool at the local public school and is doing very well there. She is currently receiving speech therapy at school and has been accessed for OT services. After lots of research and talking with different therapist I have a much better understanding of who Faith is and how to help her. Faith has some sensory integration concerns and I think some minor attach issues. We are definitely on the right road now and I think she is going to start flourishing.

Gabriel is starting to become more interested in hanging out with dad and doing man stuff. Darren now has two shadows (Ethan & Gabriel). Gabriel will also begin public preschool in the fall, hopefully to receive OT services. Gabriel is also having some sensory integration issues and some behavior issues. Again we have such wonderful therapist in our home working with us. I now have a good grasp on some things to do with Gabriel. Gabriel is riding his big wheel bike pretty well now.

Jacob is doing much better after is tonsil and adenoid removal. The week after surgery was tough but I can really see a difference in his breathing so it was well worth it. In the last month we have received his Sleep Safe Bed and his Dynavox Speaking Device. I am really beginning to feel like we now have the tools in place to keep him safe and help him flourish. Plus, we have the best therapist around working with him. I can't believe he is going to be 3 years old this summer. His smile can still light up a room!

Sera is just full of life! She loves to walk around the house laughing and singing. She has had her glasses for about 4 weeks now. I really can not tell a difference in her vision even with the glasses. She still runs into things or trips over stuff in the floor. She also does not look at things when she is playing or eating. She is seeing the Genetic Dr. this week. I am very excited about that appointment. I am ready for someone to tie all the pieces together. So far we know about vision issues, umbilical hernia, extra digits on hands & feet, and congenital brain malformations. Sera's future abilities are unknown and will probably stay unknown. Due to the brains ability to compensate and rewire there is no way to know what she might be able to do in the future.


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