Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Story Written by God

I have a beautiful story to tell . . . .

This is Kamise. Kamise is a former orphan from Ethiopia. In January this year I traveled to Ethiopia to pick up our two newly adopted daughters, Grace & Sera. I took along with me on the trip my dear sweet friend Tara. I had prayed that God would lead me to the friend he would want me to take to Ethiopia. I wanted God to use this opportunity to touch someones heart for the sake of HIS children. Tara has always had a heart for orphans and has supported our family unconditionally.
Tara and I meet Kamise at my agency's transition house when we picked up the girls. Kamise had been very sick with malaria so she was in the city receiving medical treatment. Kamise was already matched with another family but it was hard to not fall in love with her. A few days after we arrived home from our amazing trip to Ethiopia I checked the waiting child list for our agency. Guess who was on the waiting list??? KAMISE!! I am unaware of the circumstances but the family who was going to adopt Kamise backed out of the adoption. Of course, I immediately contacted Tara to let her know. There was little hesitation because you see God had orchestrated a beautiful meeting in Ethiopia. The McKibben family just received word this morning that their case has passed court in Ethiopia. Kamise is no longer an orphan!! Please take time to encourage this beautiful family and follow their journey to pick up their daughter.

You can read Kami's story on the McKibben family blog: Kisses for Kami

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  1. You dont know how excited we are to hear about this!!!! God layed her sweet face on our hearts after Ethiopia, especially Brian's! I am soo excited she has passed court and will be home soon. Does this mean sweet Kamise will be living close to us ? :)