Monday, September 19, 2011

VOTE for God's Littlest Angels in Haiti

Please watch the video below about God's Littlest Angels Haitian Baby Ministry in Haiti.  Several months ago I fell in love with a little baby named Sonia.  If you are a long time reader I am sure you remember me talking about her.  She was around 6 months old at the time and living at God's Littlest Angels.  She was diagnosed with Down Syndrome and had serious heart complications.  She was able to come to the USA to have life saving heart surgery and is now back at GLA and thriving.   There are many other babies in the same situation as Sonia.  They are sick, malnourished, and underdeveloped.  GLA's ministry is providing life saving care to these children.  This ministry has become very dear to my heart. 

After watching this video please take a moment of your time and follow this link to VOTE.  GLA is very close to receiving a $50,000 grant for their ministry.   It will only take a minute of your time but it will make a HUGE difference in the lives of these children. 


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