Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Recap of our day

Our day started out well!  Everyone was up, dressed, teeth brushed and ready for the day by 9:00.  We got school started around 9:30.  Ms. Shanna(speech therapist) came to work with Sera & Jacob.  We wrapped up the morning half of school with a fun art project.  We had lunch on schedule at 12:00.  This is where things went CRAZY!!!  Elshaday came with some medication but not enough to get her to her first doctor's appointment.  We HAD to get her medication TODAY so she would have it for tomorrow mornings dose.  So I loaded up all eight kids and we headed down to the Kentucky Clinic Pharmacy to pick up her meds.  Should not be a big deal meds were called in 5 hours ago so we should be able to walk in pick them up and head home.  NOT!!!! 

I will not bore you with all the details of why it took us 4 hours to complete a task that should have taken us about 1 1/2 hours including driving time.  I would like to ask you to do me a favor.  IF ever again I mention taking ALL my children to pick up a prescription PLEASE remind me about today.  They were pretty good for the first 15 minutes, I think.  Gabriel & Elshaday kept fighting over who got to push the elevator buttons.  This led to me swatting Gabriel on the rear end right there in the middle of the clinic hallway. (no, I do not have a problem with swatting bottoms in public to get my kids attention) While waiting for our medication two kids had meltdowns which included them screaming and crying, "I want to go home" very loudly.  Gabriel could not sit in a chair appropriately and could be found in lots of interesting positions.  Ethan kept irritating every one else just for the fun of it.  Faith could not stop slapping her hands on the table which made a very loud noise, irritating her siblings and I am sure everyone else in the room.  When I moved Faith away from the table this led to her meltdown.  Elshaday kept creating tears because she wanted water, she was hungry, she wanted to go home, she wanted the book someone else had.  The girl is persistent she can sit and say "mom, I am hungry" repeatedly for a good 15 minutes.  She can also create tears in just seconds.  Sera kept wanting the seat everyone else was in and tried to push them out of their seat and yelled at them.   There was also a loud and lively game of paper, rock, scissors.  Good thing I do not get embarrassed very easily.

On a bright note there were two special people who blessed me today.  As we were walking down the hall an older gentleman asked if we were from Nicholasville.  He said he had seen the article about Sera in the newspaper and prayed for her every day. 

On the way out of the clinic the lady who collects the parking garage tolls said she had seen me in the clinic with the kids.  Of course, at this point I am thinking about how terrible the kids behaved.  I said, "yea, I feel like crying right now".  She just said, "I commend you on what you are doing". 
The kids were so exhausted after going crazy at the clinic that they immediately feel asleep in the car.  Got home around 5:00 and rushed to find something to cook for dinner that was quick.  Ate dinner around 6:00.  Medication given. Little ones to bed at 7:00.  They passed out very quickly.  Watched movie the big kids.  Faith got up twice with night terrors.  Big kids to bed at 9:00.  MOMMY TIME!!!!!

So there you have it.


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