Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sera's Kidneys

We were aware that it was a possibility that Sera would have kidney disease.  One of the medical conditions related to her genetic disorder is a very serious kidney disease.  This week Sera saw the Nephrology Dept at Cincinnati Children's.   She has been diagnoised with Nephronophthisis.

Nephronophthsis is a serious kidney disease which will eventually lead to kidney failure.  It is unknown at this time how quickly the disease will progress with Sera.   There are 3 types of Nephronophthsis; Juvenile, Adolescent, and Infantile.  Depending on which type she has kidney failure could happen from age 3 up through her teens.   Sera will be going back the end of this month to have further testing. 

Sera is also having issues with Hypertension and has started blood pressure medication.  She will need to have her blood pressure closely monitored.  Keeping her blood pressure under control is extremely imported to help maintain her kidneys as long as possible. 

I have to say it HURTS to know our daughter's future struggles.  


It provides such peace to know the God does not make mistakes. 

Sera is a very special little girl and God has BIG plans for her.



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