Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Question for My Readers

There are times when you just need to be still and know that God is God.  Right now I am in that place.  I have tried to come up with something inspirational to say or a great story to share but I have nothing.   I am just being still and soaking in all the Goodness of My God!!

While being still my mind tends to go off on its own.  I have been thinking about my little Sera.  Before Sera hits her teens she will loose ALL her vision and have kidney failure.   It will most likely be sooner since her diagnosis came at such an early age and has progressed so quickly.  Most children are not diagnosed until age 7-9. 

So I got to thinking and thought I would post a question. . . .

If you knew that by the time you were a teenager you would be blind and have a life threatening medical condition what would you like to do or see before that happened?

Please leave me a comment.  I would love to know what your thoughts are.


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