Monday, April 19, 2010

I don't really know what to title this post, maybe "lame duck syndrome"?? Little Sera, who has been home for 3 months, is now 22 months old. We are still in the process of testing and trying to tie together all the pieces.

A little history on Sera. . . When we received Sera's referral she was in pretty rough shape. It was obvious she had been neglected and left in the corner. She was malnourished and really far behind developmentally. I don't think we will ever know exactly what life was like for Sera before we brought her home.

That being said I have a question about something she has been doing. If she gets pushed down or I swat her on the bottom she will fall to the ground and literally act like a "lame duck". She will scream and try to get up but then fall to the ground. The first time I saw this I thought maybe her leg was broken/hurt. She was very convincing.

So my question is has anyone dealt with this before??? Second, do you think its a defense mechanism or could it be neurological? This is new territory for me!!


  1. I have worked with several autistic children that had similar problems due to any type of sensory overload or unexpected physical contact. Many other wonderful special children I worked with also had sensory issues that caused them to become immobile for short periods of time. I hope this helps even a little bit.

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