Monday, April 12, 2010


I know that I am going to sound like a broken record but I have really been grieving this week and I want to share my heart.

Due to my involvement in adoption and advocating for orphans I get lots of emails and read lots of blogs about orphans. Some of these have pictures and stories attached of children who are looking for their forever family. A few of the children I read about this week have really touched my heart. Insert disclaimer: (Yes, I know that I cannot save the world) But, they have led me to ask the question “Can I do more?”

Is there such a thing as trying to do too much for the cause of Christ? Can one sacrifice too much to care for the least? My heart says “NO” but everyone else is telling me “YES”!

I am too comfortable. I am too comfortable sitting in my living room watching television. I am too comfortable sipping my cup of coffee while reading a book. I am too comfortable as I heat leftovers in the microwave. Seriously, sacrifice!!! Where is the sacrifice?


I don’t want to be content to heat up my leftovers in the microwave while my sister in Africa is spending ALL DAY cooking ONE meal.

I don’t want to keep children waiting for a forever family just so I can get a few extra hours sleep.

I don’t want to have money in the bank for a “rainy day” when children are dying from preventable diseases.

This week I have been on my knees crying out to my Heavenly Father. Please, please show me what to do, where to go, what to sell. Should we continue adopting 1 or 2 kids every year? Should we go and serve? Should we sell something and give the money to further YOUR KINGDOM?

I know one thing for sure I am not going to just sit around and wait for someone else to get the job done because chances are they are too busy trying to be comfortable!! OUCH!!


  1. Rebecca, your family is so beautiful! I found your blog through Trey, of all people. I think it is a sacred thing that you're doing. Your impulse to help and to share your love with the people who need it the most is truly admirable. But I'm wondering with this post, are you looking to suffer? Is it so bad that you have 10 spare minutes at night to read a book? Please don't interpret this as being critical--it's not! If you want to do more, do more. But take a step back, and give yourself some credit for what you're already doing, and realize that you're human. God would never expect you to give so much that you end up empty.

  2. I am with you girl! I ask myself all the time "Where is the sacrifice?" I am amazed that I GET to do this. People have told me "Relax you have done your part." My part! My part! Their are children living alone, children starving, children being SOLD. There is no such thing as our "part".
    Keep the passion!

  3. Go girl! I know what you mean. There have been so people that respond with "you can't save everyone" or "what about your kids you have already, don't you want them to have money for college"...and I am sorry but my response has generally been "I would rather give a child a mommy and a daddy and if my children want to go to college, well, they can work their way through". We love the fact that God is using us to make a difference...who knows what God has in store for us next! Keep the vision Sister!

  4. Wow! Have you been listening in to my husband and I's conversations? In a similar place!!

  5. We're there too! Sitting around our table sharing dinner tonight, my husband said almost the very same words. Why do WE get to sit comfortably around our table in our warm, cozy house, eating our THIRD meal for the day, when there are families all over the world STARVING with NO ROOF over their heads???? We are crying out to God to find out what (specifically) it is we are to do beyond what He's already told us--"Care for the widow and the orphan"--we know that part, but specifically HOW and WHERE we fit into that... As you seek HIS face, know that you are not alone in the quest. God bless!