Sunday, October 6, 2013

Top Ten Things My Children Have Taught Me - #10

I have been thinking a lot about my kids and how my faith has been increased since they entered my life so I thought I would write down the top ten.


NEVER use the words "CAN'T" or "WILL NEVER" to describe my kids

Remember this little guy?  At 10 months old he weighed nine pounds.  We were told he may not live long enough to complete the adoption and bring him home.

This little guy should have a visual impairment, hearing impairment, feeding tube, seizures, never walk, never talk,  and have very low cognitive ability.   Shhhh!!!  Don't tell Jacob though he didn't get that memo!
Jacob didn't just live he is LIVING!!
Jacob is WALKING!!!!
Jacob is TALKING!!!

For the last two weeks during speech therapy Jacob has used his Dynavox to make independent purposeful choices.  Two weeks ago when it was time for his therapist to leave, Jacob, using his Dynavox, told his therapist goodbye.  This is a regular routine, but what he did next was all on his own!!  He then chose "I don't want you to go" and then "I want a hug"!!!  SERIOUSY!!!  He is already hitting on girls! 

Last week he was in therapy and my parents walked in the house for a visit.  Jacob immediately, using his Dynavox, told his therapist he was done.  He then navigated page to page and chose the picture for "FAMILY". 

Don't tell Jacob "HE WILL NEVER WALK"  or "HE CAN'T TALK" 

I think I will erase those phrases from my vocabulary
I could give many more examples of my kids defying the odds.  Want to know why I believe in miracles?  It's actually really simple.  I have a house full of living breathing miracles!  How could I not?

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