Wednesday, October 30, 2013

All I Want for Christmas Is . . .

A Sprinter Paratransit Minibus!

Why, you ask do I want such a big expensive vehicle?  

1. There will be a day in the not so distant future that I will not be able to transfer Jacob in and out of our van. 

2.  I am not looking forward to loading and unloading his wheelchair onto the back of our van in the freezing cold snow this winter.  But I will keep doing it until I am in the grave if I have to because I love him that much!

3.  This vehicle will allow us to love 2-3 more children!!  We currently have a 12 passenger van and we have 12 people in our family.  I do a lot with the kids by myself and need to be able to transport them all in one vehicle.

My God is big and I find it a joy to serve him by loving his children, as many as I possibly can. Darren and I are confident that we were created for just a time as this to serve. It is such a blessing to see the miracles God provides for us.  A van such as this would most definitely be a miracle! God is good all the time!

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