Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Reflecting Back

During my morning walk I was reflecting back on my life.  I don't have many regrets in life.  However, I do have one major regret that changed the course of my life.   My biggest regret was leaving the music program in college.  That one decision lead to many bad choices over several years.  I had a person that I trusted give me bad counsel.  I stopped singing.  I sold my flute.  Pretty much left music forever.  I regret letting that person influence me to walk away from a gift that God had given me to use for his glory.  I have regretted that decision almost daily to the point where I still have not fully recovered.  I let it take away one of the biggest joys I had in worship.   I still to this day cannot bring myself to sing.  Besides singing in the pew at church my voice is only heard in my head.  If I had a do over in life that is the one decision I would want to change.

I think I am talking about this now because two of my girls have been given beautiful natural gifts by God.  They are at an age now that they are wanting to develop those gifts more.  I don't want that joy to be stolen.  I am praying that God provides the finances needed for them to pursue their gifts. I am praying that God puts encouragers in their life to walk along with them.  I am praying that they never loose sight of the beautiful gift God has given them.  I am praying that they use those gifts for God's glory and worship. 


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