Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Day in the Life of ME

Thought it would be fun to write snippets from a day in the life of ME! 

Grateful this morning the kids let me sleep to 7:00a.m.  WOOHOO!!!  Jacob has been congested so I have been "trying" to sleep on the couch holding him. 

Breakfast to everyone then clean table and floors.  Who knew such a mess could be made by eating a bowl of cereal.

Tried feeding Jacob but he was just not ready yet.  Changed diapers and put kids on potty.

Chatted online with three different adoptive moms all at the same time.  LOVE FACEBOOK MESSAGING!!

Therapist number #1 came and spent an hour and a half working with two kids.  While therapist was here Durable Medical Equipment company calls to apologize because they screwed up AGAIN!!  The are getting parts on order ASAP. 

Isaac falls down and scraps up his nose and gets a small cut. 

Therapist leaves, time to eat lunch.

Therapist number #2 arrives and spends two hours working with kids.  Meantime I am teaching younger kids in school room.

During all of this I am going back and forth helping two older girls with their school work.

Have heart to heart talk with child who has lied to me AGAIN.

Therapist leaves. Clean the kitchen from lunch.  Jacob finally eats something.

I run down to the pharmacy to pick up Jacob's food, which I was supposed to do on Friday but forgot :)

Child needs blood work done but that will have to wait until tomorrow.  Ran out of time today

Finally get a shower.  I won't tell you how many days it has been.

Hubby gets home. WOOHOO

Start dinner.

Dinner and celebrate Faith's birthday

Take daughter to church

Got Jacob to eat again.

Bath for little ones and put to bed.

Pick up daughter from church

Put rest of kids to bed.

Jacob ate again and put to sleep.

Worked on paperwork for three kids who need additional services.

Maybe tomorrow I can write down all the odd things that were said in our house.

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