Friday, March 1, 2013

The Makeover

A year and a half ago I walked into a dental clinic with my newly adopted daughter. She was from Ethiopia, spoke zero English, and had a mouth full of rotten teeth. When the dentist walked out with my daughter I thought "WOW! she is beautiful, I can't believe she is a dentist". Then she started talking to me about my daughter, then I thought "WOW!! she really loves her patients". She really took a great interest in making my daughter feel comfortable, pain free, and beautiful. After all the dental work was complete my daughter said to me in her broken English, "I so happy, my mouth no hurting". My daughter also said, "my doctor so pretty". That beautiful caring Dentist is Dr. Misee Harris. Dr. Harris gave our daughter her smile back but God was not done with Dr. Harris and our family.

Fast forward to the present. One of my daughters has always wanted to be a model. Her 13th birthday was coming up and I had told her that we would not even consider modeling until she was thirteen. She shares a birth date with one of her sisters. We had been so busy with medical issues with some of our children and the recent adoption of two more children I wanted to treat my big girls to something special. That is where Dr. Misee Harris enters into our lives once again. Who would have thought? Misee Harris was giving away a shopping spree, makeover, and photo shoot. She chose my girls!!!!

We shopped and shopped until the mall closed.
They got a makeover!
Then the photo shoot . . .
Photography by Sandra Dee's Photography
I know you want to see more pictures but you will just have to wait :)  I have something more important to tell you about right now. 
Dr. Misee Harris is now a friend to me and a mentor to my girls.  As an adoptive mom of children of different races, it is important to me and my children for them to have role models of their own skin color and of other skin colors.  For many years society has told us that we are not all equal.  This is beginning to change and I want my girls to see women of all skin colors as the successful and beautiful persons that God intended. 
It is also important that persons of all colors be represented on television and print equally.  It is important for my children.  I am so proud of Misee Harris and her quest to be the first Bachelorette with darker skin.  It is important to my girls to see a young woman of their same skin color going after their dreams.  Wouldn't it be great to see multi-racial dating presented in a good light?  Or even better to see more multi-racial families represented in the media.  If you would like to follow Dr. Misee Harris' quest to become the first Bachelorette with beautiful brown skin follow her Facebook page, Misee Harris 4 The Black Bachelorette.

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