Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sera's Surgery on Thursday

It is finally Sera's big day.  We have waited and jumped through hoops for the last year.  Sera has a rare genetic disorder called Bardet Biedl Syndrome.  One of the main characteristics of this disorder are extra digits.   I have been told that Sera's case is even more rare due to the number of extra digits.

Sera will be having surgery on Thursday morning at Shriners Hospital.  We would appreciate your prayer for her surgery and recovery.  The surgery is expected to take about 4 hours if things so smoothly.  She will have casts on all her hands and feet for at least two weeks. 

Sera has seven fingers on each hand.  Her right hand is a little more complicated because three fingers are fused together.   The doctor said depending on how the surgery went on her right hand she could require more surgery in the future.

Sera has six toes on each of her feet.  She also has an extra bone in one of her feet which will also be removed.  I am excited that Sera will finally we able to wear regular childrens shoes.  She has been wearing what I call "sock shoes".  They look like socks but have a rubber sole on them.  They have been a lifesaver, especially during the winter.

This surgery is bittersweet.  When Sera came home Ethan said, "mommy I love all of her fingers".  We do!  We love each and every special part of Sera.  It will make life so much easier for Sera but we will miss all those fingers.

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