Monday, May 2, 2011

Meeting Her Birth Mother Part Three

When it was time to say goodbye everyone walked Elshaday up to the car.  They each said goodbye to Elshaday with the traditional kiss on each cheek.  Elshaday's mother and sister walked Elshaday to the car.  Darren & I both said goodbye to her mother and sister in the same manner.  These words pale in comparison to the actual emotions of  the moment.  Elshaday did not say anything nor did she shed a tear.  She was quiet and reserved. 

We had been in the car for maybe fifteen minutes when I noticed a few lone tears rolling down Elshaday's face.  It had finally hit.  The reality of what was happening.  I put my arms around her and she bowed her head down leaning on my arm.  She stayed that way for close to an hour.  Very quiet and very still.  Then suddenly she looked up leaned over and kissed me on the check.  She climbed up into my lap and put her arms around me.  She stayed there the rest of the drive to Addis.  This picture was taken just after she climbed into my lap.


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