Saturday, May 14, 2011

Project HOPEFUL Kentucky

(yes, I need a haircut)

This week at Christian Alliance for Orphans Summit VII I had the opportunity to meet the family that had a huge impact in our adoption journey.  This is really a two part post but I am so excited to tell you something I am going to tell you the ending first.  Check back later today for Part Two, which is really Part One of the story!

Two years ago we happened upon the blog of the Twietmeyer family. (My next post will explain how we happened upon their blog)   Carolyn is the founder of a nonprofit organization called Project HOPEFUL.  Project HOPEFUL was created to advocate for families adopting children that are HIV+ .  Project HOPEFUL has recently been featured in People Magazine and on The Today Show.   Project HOPEFUL is based out of Illinois, but recently they decided to branch out in order to effectively support more families.  They are now looking to have State Associates in as many states as possible. 

I am honored to announce that I am the Kentucky State Associate for Project HOPEFUL!!!!  I am so excited about this opportunity to support and encourage fellow adoptive families.


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