Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tough Day & Other News

Yesterday was a tough day.  I had two computers crash.  Our main computer was hacked and it was a mess to clean up.  So I was using an old laptop that had been given to us to search how to fix our main computer. We use the laptop when we travel overseas and I take it to long appointment days for entertainment.  As soon as I got the computer fixed I went to update the security on the laptop and discovered it had been infected.  It was much worse and we lost EVERYTHING!!!  Black screen- no processing system found.  SERIOUSLY??? 

AND I have a few kids not feeling well with colds and congestion.

THEN, at lunch Sera got choked on her cookie.  This happens periodically so I knew exactly what to do.  Out comes a probably 1 1/2 inch glob of food she had stuffed in her mouth. 

Everything went down hill from there . . .


Sera's surgery to remove the extra digits from her hands & feet has been rescheduled for May 5th. 

We do believe our adoption case has now been submitted to court.  I will believe it when I see a court date.

Also, if you are an adopting family who is currently fundraising leave me a comment with a link to your fundraiser.  I am going to add a page to list fundraising families.


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  1. Here is the link for us:


    Thanks. I hope your court date is soon. -April