Thursday, March 3, 2011

Adopting Out of Birth Order

There are many thoughts on adopting out of birth order.  In fact there are some agencies that will absolutely NOT allow adopting out of birth order.   So here is our story . . .

When we began our last adoption we requested to adopt a daughter between the ages of 6-8.  All of our previously adopted children had been 12-24 months old when they came home.  Our oldest birth daughter had been asking for a sister her age.  When we received our referral it was obvious to us the girl in the photo was much older than the 7 years they had put as her age.  However, she was a child needing a family and we were a family wanting a child.  After she came home and we had a bone scan done we found out she was at least 10-11 years old.  My guess is she is 12-13 years old.  Anyway, we gave her a birth date making her 10 years old. 

So how does our birth daughter feel about having an older sister?

This picture was taken last week before the father/daughter dance.

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