Sunday, August 8, 2010

Disney World Part 1

Well, the whole family has been sick with a head cold. I still feel like crap!! But, it's been a week and I am dying to share about our trip.

Let me start by saying this was a complete surprise to the kids. We did not even tell them we were taking a trip. I spent the week before we left doing laundry and packing suitcases in my closet so the kids would not find out.

The morning we left we woke the kids at 5:00a.m., got them dressed and into the car, which we already had packed up. When we got to the airport we told them the big surprise. At first they did not believe us so the excitement gradually increased though the day. Of course, none of our vacations go as planned. Our flight was to leave at 7:00a.m. but the plane had some mechanical issues so after sitting on the plane for over an hour we de-boarded and sat in the airport until they finally decided to cancel the flight. We did not end up leaving until 1:45p.m. We finally arrived in Florida around 7:30p.m. and did not get settled into our room until 9:30p.m. It was a long day but the kids did really well.

Here are some pics from our travel day. The first video is from 5:30a.m. on our first adventure to the airport. The second video is from around 11:30a.m. on our way back to the airport to catch our rescheduled flight.

Disney World Take ONE!!

Disney World Take TWO!!!

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