Monday, February 8, 2010

Well, it’s been too long! By the end of the day I have no energy left to blog, maybe I am getting old? Seriously, I have been going to bed by 9:00. Of course I still get up 4-5 times a night with various children but I used to be able to go with less sleep.

I know you are all wondering how our girls are doing so I will get right to it. THEY ARE GREAT!!!!!!!!!!! Really, we have not had any major issues, YET. We have been home four weeks now. Grace is beautiful inside and out! I love to see her loving on all the kids. She and Miranda have bonded very quickly. Yes, they have your regular sibling issues but all and all have become wonderful friends. Grace is taking it all in and picking up new words daily. She is a quick learner. One of my favorite things is listening to her pray, makes me cry every time. I take her on Wednesday to get a physical and hopefully get a better indication as to how old she is.

Sera is a funny little girl. She is laughing all the time, sometimes for unknown reasons. SIDE NOTE:(prime example as to way I have not taken time to update on our blog. I have been interrupted 6 times just while writing this short update) -Back to Sera. She and Jacob have really taken to each other. If I have him lying in the floor she will crawl over and give him and hug and kiss. Medically, there are still A LOT of unknowns for Sera. She has been to Shriner's Hospital to have her hands & feet looked at. They will correct both hands and feet at one time. It is a 4 hour surgery and she will be casted on both hands and feet for 2 weeks following. BUT, there is always a BUT. They WILL NOT do the surgery until we have had a complete work up done on her, which I totally agree with. Because of being born with birth defects affecting all limbs and eyes there is a good possibility that some internal organs were affected also, specifically heart, lungs & kidneys. Sera will also go on Wednesday for a complete physical and probably receive referrals to see specialist. Developmentally, she is about 9 months behind overall. First Steps (our early intervention program) will begin working with her soon. She will be receiving OT, PT and Speech therapies. I will update more on her health as we get new information.

The rest of the family is also doing well. Our kids, as always, have welcomed their new siblings with open arms. I will try to give a full update on the rest of the kids soon. Right now, 6 out of 7 are sick with some kind of sinus/cough thing. If they are all coughing at the same time it is REALLY LOUD in here. I need to buy stock in Lysol!

I leave you with a few pics . . .

This is the first time I have tried to do Grace's hair with some type of braid. I think I did pretty good but the braids are not very tight.

Also, first time trying to do something with Sera's hair. She does not like her head touched or being still so I think I did pretty good on a moving target.

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  1. So sweet! We are so excited for you!

    -Christi & The Lifesong Staff