Monday, February 22, 2010

Follow up post to "Dear Jesus, I Love You"

Grace continued to ask about being baptized and eating the “meal” at church. I had no doubt that she loved Jesus and that he was “in her heart”. I was concerned about her being baptized when she barely understood what anyone was saying. I did not want her to go through this very important moment not understanding what the person baptizing her was saying. I kept telling her that she would get baptized just not right now.

On Sunday, at the end of service, we had a baptism service. Of course Grace asked if she could be baptized. After the service I inquired about baptism for her and asked if anyone in the church spoke Amharic. To my surprise I received a phone call a short time later, and believe it or not, there was someone at church yesterday who spoke Amharic. Visiting our church this Sunday were missionaries with Food for the Hungry. The missionaries had been serving in Mozambique, Africa BUT one of them was born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. He was very happy to be able to baptize our daughter in their native language. So last night we loaded up the crew and met family and friends at the evening service where Grace was baptized. Only our HOLY GOD could orchestrate such a perfect moment.

It was amazing and probably the most emotional baptism I have ever attending. Thank You Jesus for allowing me to parent such an amazing young lady!


  1. Incredible! We serve an amazing God!

  2. It was incredible! I am honored to have been there to witness it. Love that girl!