Sunday, July 13, 2008

We have had a busy week here at the Maas household. I have began the task of packing our stuff and the orphanage donations. We have finalized our airline tickets and hotel reservations. We will be staying at the Hilton in Addis Ababa. By the way it is the most expensive hotel I have ever stayed at or will ever stay at again. Here is our schedule:

July 26th Fly out to Washington and then on to Ethiopia
July 27th Arrive in Ethiopia in P.M./Get a good nights rest
July 28th Meet the boys ASAP
July 29th Embassy Appointment
July 30th Sight Seeing
July 31st Leave Ethiopia in P.M. (Jacob's 1st Birthday)
August 1st Arrive home around 6:00 p.m.

We also received an update on the boys. They are both sick with a cough/nasty nose. We were told that Jacob's right hand is very stiff and is not easy to manipulate. They said he does try to communicate. Gabriel is still grieving for his birth mother. They said he is very shy and does not like loud people or crowds. They also said he continues to cry frequently. So if anyone out there has any suggestions on how to make Gabriel's transition a little easier please let me know.

I do have some prayer requests. Satan has really tried to get us down the last couple of weeks. We have been faced with obstacle after obstacle with our travel arrangements. Satan has been trying to put a wedge between Darren & I and our ability to come to an agreement on some issues. First, pray for the health of Jacob and Gabriel. Second, pray for our marriage and agreement in decision making. Third, pray that I have peace while we are away from Miranda, Ethan & Faith. Pray for their safety while they are with grandparents. Also for smooth transition for ALL of our children. Lastly, that we will continue to follow God's guidance for our children's education. Miranda will be in 1st grade and I intend to continue homeschooling. However, we are concerned that having four children age three and under will make it difficult for me to give Miranda all the time she needs in school.


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  1. Rebecca
    I will be praying for you. Your blog has touched me all the way out here in CA. We adopted a Rebekah Faith from China 4 months ago. Our blog is not updated nor do you have the time to check us out but when you
    I will be praying that your whirlwind of a trip allows you and your husband some much needed eye to eye time. I also homeschool...5th grade, 2nd and 1st when we got home with R...hang in there. There is not much in 1st grade that you can not make up in 2nd. If all your daughter gets is the joy of becoming family and a little bit of reading...she will have learned more than sending her to school! Believeme! Last year my kids learned a ton...most of it was on their own as I finalized details for bringing R home. Loads of Love to you sister! Someday, even though we will probably never meet here on earth...I look forward to siiting down with you and sharing our faith journeys that the Good Lord led us on as we loved His children!

    Tricia Otto