Saturday, June 28, 2008

So many of you are probably wondering, "When are we bringing our babies home?" Well, we are wondering the same thing. Why is it the good news is always followed by bad news. Just a few days after receiving the news that we passed court we were told that because of power outages our papers will be delayed. Basically after we pass court new birth certificates and court documents need to be printed and taken to the US Embassy to request an appointment to get their immigration approval. So we are waiting again????????????? We are hoping to receive news on Monday that our papers have been filed and we have an Embassy appointment. My fear is that because of the delay in the paper processing we could get an Embassy appointment as far off as sometime in August. Jacob's 1st birthday is on July 31st and I was hoping to have him home for a big birthday celebration. I am trying to remind myself that God's timing is perfect but it's sooooo hard to wait!


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  1. Rebecca and family

    You have encouraged me so much! We have had our little china doll home for 3 months. I followed your blog while you were in China and I got on it the other day to check up or delete you from my favorites. No deleting here!!!! We are in the process of starting up a ministry at church to provide funding for other families. Like you I want to wake up our body to what the Lord calls us to do!!! I praise the Lord for these next two Maas children and will be praying for their safe and quick delivery to you!!!!

    Loads of Love
    Tricia Otto (Modesto CA)

    Our daughter's name is Rebekah Faith!

    Our blog is

    Have not updated it for a while but am plannig to do so soon!