Friday, November 9, 2012

I am not one to sugar coat things. 
I will tell you how I see it. 
Well, today really SUCKED!!!

It doesn't matter how hard you plan, no one is perfect.  Today we dropped off the kids with grandparents to stay while we are in China.  Of course, I forgot a few things and some things did not go as planned.  Well, now I feel like a terrible mother. Plus one of my babies is having a really hard time tonight without us.  It is so painful to not be able to comfort him.

I know God has this covered.  I handed my children over to him as soon as they joined our family.  Leaving them is so hard for my mama heart though.  God loves my children even more than I do.  Well, they are actually His children but I get to love on them.  It gives me such peace and comfort knowing that God will never leave my babies.  He will be right there to comfort them and protect them.

Tomorrow we start a big adventure!

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