Sunday, November 25, 2012

Almost Home

We are on the final stretch of our trip. We have our Consulate appointment on Tuesday. Wednesday we receive the kids passports and take a train to Hong Kong. Thursday we will spend the day sightseeing in Hong Kong. Friday morning we will start our journey home. Friday is the day we fondly call the never ending day. We leave Hong Kong at 11:10 am on Friday and we arrive in the USA at 11:20 on Friday. Technically we arrive 10 minutes after we leave via a 14 hour flight. Can you say jet lag?

We will arrive at our local airport at 6:29pm on Friday Nov 30th we welcome everyone to come witness the birth of our new family at the airport. Please remember that our new children are still attaching to us so we request that you do not pick them up.

We can not wait too see our family and friends!!


  1. Great! Hope the rest of your busy week goes well and smoothly, especially "endless Friday"...we'll see about the airport!

    Susan (from the Buddy Walk RR table)
    Back home in the Bluegrass...

  2. That is one REALLY long flight.

  3. I hope you are ok. Can't wait to se you all happy and sound. Miss ya! Katrina