Monday, August 20, 2012

Update on our Summer

I have really had no desire to blog recently.  I guess I partially felt like everyone was tired of listening and partially I was tired of talking.  Decided to take some time today and update how we are doing. 

1.  Our house is coming along.  The rough construction is pretty much done.  They will have the inspection this week I think.  We are hoping to be in our house the first couple of weeks in October. 

2.  We have kinda had a boring summer.  We are staying with family while our house is being built.  There is not much to do around here so we have spent a lot of time sitting around the house.  The kids and I are going crazy.  We miss our friends. 

3.  We started school this week.  We are brushing up on the basics and doing a lot of review until we get into our house.  I did not want to start our curriculum before we got into our house.  Just seems like a lot of work.  Of course we will probably have to work into the summer but I think it will be worth it.  The kids have really surprised me so far.  I expected them to really struggle but they are actually doing really well.  The younger ones especially have matured this summer.  Their handwriting has improved greatly and they remember all the math from last year. 

4.  We are on the final stretch of our adoption.  We received our LOA's earlier this month.  We are currently waiting on immigration approval for the kids then we wait for our Travel Approval.  Once we receive travel approval we could possibly leave 2 weeks later.  I am hoping for TA in about 6 weeks.  Praying we can travel the second week of October. 

That is all for now.  If I get the chance I will set down tonight and write a little bit more about our babies waiting in Ch*na. 

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