Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Update on Isaac and Lily

We received pictures of Isaac recently.  These were taken back in the spring.

Our most recent information about him says he is 34 inches tall and 24 pounds.  He is saying Mama and Baba.  They say he is a very active child.  It also mentions that he is afraid of stuffed animals :(

Isaac is living in a foster home in Hangzhou Ch*na.  Hangzhou is named "The Most Beautiful Place on Earth".   We will be in Hangzhou for one week when we go to adopt Isaac.  I can't wait to spend time in this beautiful city.

We also received new pictures of Lily.  These pictures were actually taken this week!

We don't have any recent information on Lily.  We are hoping to have updated measurements before we travel.  Last November she was 36 inches tall and weighed 28 pounds.  She was so tiny for a 5 year old.  I wonder how much she has grown this year. 

Lily is in a foster home in Maoming Ch*na.  We will be saying in Guangzhou but we will travel to Maoming for a one day visit.  I have read they have beautiful beaches in Maoming where many people vacation. 

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  1. Oh..you are going to love Maoming. I went there on a mission trip. It was in the middle of the summer and crazy hot, I am sure it will not be like that by the time you travel there. Love the updates <3 cant wait to see them finally home.