Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mother's Day Challenge

Mother’s Day is this Sunday.  There are some extra special mothers out there that I would challenge you to remember this Mother’s Day.  These are mothers that have chosen to love those who everyone else has turned away.  A typical day may consist of being yelled at, being bitten, and kicked.  Very rarely will they hear a “Thank You” or “I Love You”.  They are on-call 24 hours a day, this is not an 8-5 job.  They are up all hours of the night holding children that are having night terrors.  Some of these mothers are parenting medically fragile children.  Every day these mothers deal with the reality of death, but also the beauty of life.  What an emotional roller coaster!  They are in the trenches, loving and healing children with the love of God. 

They are not just moms, but during a 24 hour period they may also become advocates, nurses, teachers, pharmacists, therapists, dietitian and more.  They wear many hats!  I am talking about mothers who have adopted or are fostering children that are hard to place.  These moms are humble and they never ask for recognition, in fact, it probably makes them uncomfortable.

If you know one of these moms consider making Mother’s Day a little extra special for them this year.  I bet they would be overjoyed just to get a note of encouragement.  Maybe a gift card to pamper herself?  Maybe a gift basket of items just for her?  Chocolate?  I have a feeling you can take it from there and come up with some great ideas.

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